Final Project Option 2

Instructions& Assignment Sheet


This is a mandatory final project instructions and assignment sheet. All students must complete this final project assignment.

There are three parts to this final project:

Part 1: Final Paper – worth twenty-five (25) points
Part 2: Class Presentation – worth twenty (20) points


Note: This is a comprehensive course assignmentworth forty-five (45) points of the final course grade. This assignment requires a significant amount of highly focused time with respect to thinking, multiple drafts writing, and presentation construction and practicing. Your grade will reflect the quality of your thinking, writing and presentation and the quality will likely reflect the amount of focused time allocated to this assignment. Work on this assignment should begin immediately upon receipt of this final project assignment and instruction sheet.

General Instructions
1. All “in your own words” instructions as provided for in the Course Outline must be followed.
2. All “good faith effort” instructions as provided for in the Course Outline must be followed.
3. All Timeliness, Compliance & Attention to Detail instructions as provided for in the Course Outline must be followed.
4. All Written Assignments instructions as provided for in the Course Outline must be followed.
5. All other requirements not specifically listed above as provided for in the Course Outline must be followed.
6. Failure to follow the above-listed instructions as well as related instructions as provided for in the Course Outline will result in the deduction of points from the total points of this assignment.

Each student will develop a business plan pertaining toa product or service that will be pitched to a mock group of angel investors, who will determine if the business model merits funding.

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The presentation will be shown on PowerPointusing the following outline.

Each student will draft a final paper that corresponds with the PowerPoint presentation.



The following outline will be used to draft the final paper and presentation. It is recommended that you create one PowerPoint slide that corresponds with each section of the outline.

Business Plan (Elevator Pitch) Section Outline
1. What is Your Business?
What is your product, service, concept, key technology?

2. The Team
Key management: names, positions, previous accomplishments

3. Competitive Advantage
What is your competitive advantage in the long run?

4. Market Analysis
What is your target market? Size? Competition? Where do you want to be?

5. Sales Projections
Five year sales projections

6. Burning Rate
What is your burning rate? Example: $200, 000 per month

7. Marketing Concept
How are you going to market your product or service?

8. Milestones
List your key milestones in R&D,product development, manufacturing, marketing, etc.

9. Strategic Alliances
Who are your strategic partners? Major distribution agreements? Licenses? Large orders?

10. What do you want? What do you offer?
We offer 30% of equity for $2mln investment

11. Exit Strategy
Acquisition by major market player in 5 years or IPO?




Materials assigned for class and class discussions should be studied for sound guidance with respect to communicating in writing and in presentations.

Part 1 – Class PowerPoint Presentation: Not less than three (3) and not more than five (5) minutes.


Part 2 –Final Paper: Not less than three and one-half (3½) and not more than five (5) single spaced pages.

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