Financial Crisis and Lehman Brother Collapse

102. Financial Crisis and Lehman Brother Collapse

want a research paper that clearly answers the questions below:
a)The financial crisis of 2007-2010; should accounts of its causes focus on the world of finance alone? (50 marks
hence, please discuss this statement above if it was true and false and use evidence to state the reason for such opinion. Thus, please do not extensively explain the financial crises, instead discuss the statement above clearly
b) With reference to your discussion in part a); why did Lehman Brothers collapse? (50 marks)
In the second part of the essay please discuss the financial and non financial reasons behind the collapse of Lehman brothers. For example you can look at their financial statements and look at their leverage percentages or discuss their management process and you can compare their performance with other organizations during the financial crises.
Please ensure to have a clear structure that clearly differentiates the first part of the essay and the second part (a & b above). So half of the essay should talk about part (a) and the other half about part (b). You can divide the essay into two parts, but if you could make a smooth transfer from the first question to the other, that would be better.
note: please make sure that this essay is 100% free from plagiarism and do a good job with regards to the research and writing it since it carries a big percentage of my grade. All points must be clear with evidence supporting them with clearly labeled tables and graphs that show the evidence and don\’t hesitate to include your opinion within the essay.
Please use the attached readings and use further readings from other sources. I suggest that you read Cato Institute article by Kevin Dowd as a good starting point which is in the list of attachments.

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