Food Consumption

Blog your food consumption for 24 hours—reflect on the role of oil (that is, fossil fuels NOT vegetable oils) in its production (what’s in it and how was it produced?), delivery (where is it from and how did it get to you?), and packaging (what does/did it come in, and how was that produced). You may include multi-media, including pictures, video, sound recordings, maps, and anything else that sparks your fancy. Selected blogs will be posted to the course website. When you have completed your blog, please send its web URL to the instructor on the Assignment #2 submission page. Example: Coke, according to my Google search, contains: carbonated water, corn fructose syrup, color (caramel 150d), food acid (phosphoric acid 338), "flavor", and caffeine. The key ingredient seems to be fructose—you could then find out where this fructose come from (or how the corn it is made from grown, and what sort of energy inputs were involved in this process?), how it is processed (does this take a lot of energy?), how far it travels, and so on. I would also be interested in carbonated water, just because I’m not really sure how they carbonate it. Is it an energy intensive process, or is it pretty easy to do? The point is, try your best to figure out the key ingredients of your food, their energy inputs (just a general idea, not exact numbers), and how far they have to go to get to you. Feel free to speculate and to admit that you’re speculating.

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