Foreign aids


As it was explained during the classes, the evaluation system of the subject Development Cooperation is based on the elaboration of

a short essay.
The essay must be an individual, personal and critical work of about 1500 words (around 4 pages) written in English. It should

contain a well balanced combination of critical analysis of the contents of the assigned reading, and of personal reflection based

on the student’s own personal understanding and position.
The elaboration of the essay must be based on the following uploaded text:
JONES. E. et al, “The international system of aid to developing world countries.
Steps that could be taken to improve the current system”, in Government and Politics Review, 2012
In your essay, you must critically comment and analyze the ideas, debates and proposals contained in the article. You should firstly

make overview remarks on the whole text, and later you can focus your analysis on some of the issues addressed, those you consider

most interesting. Remember, your essay must be a critical analysis of that precise paper, not simply a reflection on the issue of

international aid.

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