Formative Assessment: A Related Environmental Scan Using a PEST/PESTLE

Analysis Formative assessment: a related environmental scan using a PEST/PESTLE analysis should be submitted to the lecturer on Thursday 14th November on a single sheet of A4 paper. This can be an electronic submission (via email). Feedback will be available during the tutorial in week 9. This analysis can be amended following feedback and should be attached to your final coursework report as an appendix. In class, I have studied 1. The role of retailing in the economy 2. Retail formats in the UK: definitions and possible classifications 3. The changing retail environment 4. Theories of Retail Change 5. Retail Pricing 1: Policies and Practice (my next coursework) Prepare a report for a food retailer, with ‘bricks and mortar’ shops, trading in the UK that a) identifies key relevant changes in the UK market and b) suggest strategies and tactics that are already being used by successful retailers in the sector A bullet pointed PEST/PESTLE analysis. This analysis of the external environment can be amended and should be attached to your final report as appendix.

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