Foundations of Research Methods in Administration

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Overarching Research Question
What is the impact of the local Michigan culture and personality traits in the development of talents psychometric assessment tools in assessing potential executive employees during the interview stage?
i. What impact do local Michigan cultural values have on the personality of executives in Michiganautomotive manufacturers?
ii. What impact do local personality traits have on Michigan Automotive manufacturers’ executive working talent?
iii. What impact do personality traits and local cultural values have on working executives within Michigan automotive manufacturers?
Independent Variables
Michigan Cultural Values and Talent: These two elements are inherently autonomous and influence the dependent variables identified for this research. The study will examine their specific impact on the personality of executive working talent, and their particular aspects that have the greatest influence.
Dependent variable
Executive Talent Personality: Defined as the organized, developed and expressed system of parts in an individual’s actions (Mayer, 2007), it is largely determined and influenced by multiple factors that come into play, including culture and talent. This research seeks to identify the particular personality traits desirable by Michigan’s leading automotive manufacturers.
Specific Audience
Human Resource Managers within organizations will be able to utilize the developed psychometric assessment tool within the local context of assessing a potential employee’s skills and attributes and their likely future performance before they are hired. A reliable customized psychometric assessment tool will enable derivation of employee value in a cost-effective and timely manner.
Employees: This study will allow them to understand the measures employers look for when hiring, particularly personality traits and talents, and seek to nurture and develop them over time in the course of their training and education, to enhance their competency during the selection process and subsequent job performance.
Psychologists: Psychometric assessment is a role undertaken by psychologists, and local psychologists will have at their disposal a customized psychometric talent assessment tools useful in comprehending personality trait dynamism within the localized culture.
Relevance to MSA Concentration
Effective administration in an organization is geared towards attaining strategic competence, and the employees are an essential component towards fulfilling this goal (Qehaja&Kutllovci, 2013). This research aims at bridging a knowledge gap in the field that will enhance effective human resource practices in advancing the overall organizational goal unique to the local context.

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