Foundations Research Methods in Administration


Week 4 Complete your work on the Common Research Activity this week. Thus far you have posted research questions and reviewed literature.

This week you must develop a brief methodological description of how you would attempt to collect data for your proposed research; develop

a data collection instrument using Likert based statements with a common scale used throughout the survey instrument. In the brief

description of your methodology for administering the survey include: who will be included in your sample and why; how many surveys will

be distributed; how will they be distributed and returned, expected response rate, and so forth.
When you develop the survey questions ask yourself if those questions will collect the right information to help you answer the research

questions. Consider that a real “Chapter 3” or STEP III methodological description will include very detailed information as to what data

you want to collect; why do you want to collect it; and, what do you intend to do with it once you collect it (i.e. what statistical tests

will you use/why? Everyone must do this assignment. You can type your comments directly into the provided text box (preferred) or attach a

Word document


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