FPST 2344–Elements of Industrial Hygiene


Homework 1 – Toxicity of Vaping
Recent epidemiological studies have indicated that exposure to the aerosols produced from vaping liquid may result in adverse health

Conduct research on the adverse health effects from exposure to vaping aerosol. Find one first source (peer reviewed academic journal

such as the Journal of Occupational Hygiene) or two secondary sources (governmental summaries such as from NIOSH or a trade journal such

as the Synergist) or three tertiary sources (such as the New York Times). Write more than1 page, but no more than 2 pages for yoursummary

paper regarding your findings with respect to harmful effects of vaping using proper APA citations for your source(s).
Formatting Requirements:
Use the FPSET Guideline for Written Work to assist you with correct grammar, formatting, and presentation.(Active voice, Times New Roman,

12pt, 1” margins, etc.)



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