“From The Ashes” by Lonardo, Paul.


write about this book called “From The Ashes” by Lonardo, Paul. ISBN # 0-7414-5791-1 and wasn’t sure if somebody will find it or not so that’s why I’m placing this free-inquiry.

Paper must be typed double-spaced with 1″ margins. No fonts larger than 12 point are to be used. Neatness (spelling grammar, appearance) counts.

The book report format and everything you need to know about the intructions and guidelines of this paper will be uploaded.

Book ReportFormat
I. Author, “Title of Article”, Title of Periodical, date, page number(s).
II. State briefly the content and main points of the article. Presentation of the information in a logical, free flowing manner is imperative — a person should be able to read your abstract and understand the main points without having to read the article itself.
III. Evaluation – Critique the article as it relates to:
1. Content
2. Value to the profession
3. Methodology to apply content of the article
4. Other comments

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