Gender and race inequalities

59. Gender and race inequalities


Utilize the sociological approaches covered during the course to examine race and gender inequalities in the United States. Your discussion should be organized around the following elements/questions: First, present evidence that race and gender inequalities continue to exist, citing data that demonstrates these inequalities (there is plenty of evidence in the textbook though you can use other sources as well – see below resources). If you are discussing gender inequality in the United States you should use The Schriver Report as a source. Do not cite lectures. Second, present a theoretical debate between at least two perspectives on these inequalities. How does each theory explain the existence of inequality in the cases you have chosen? What are the key distinctions between the theories (i.e.,what makes one explanation different from another)? Do the theories you discuss focus on forms of inequality independent of each other or do they focus on how different forms of inequality are related or connected. Third, of the two theoretical perspectives you discuss, identify the one that you find most compelling and explain why. Your paper must cite at least three sources in addition to the textbook. Internet sources are not permitted. Use the library search functions to find scholarly sources.

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