gender construction

SOC 2: SPRING 2017
Writing Assignment # 6
1. Go to your local toy store and examine the sections through a critical “gendered”
2. Describe the physical layout of the toy store.
3. Is there a “girls” and a “boys” section? How do you know? Is it clearly marked?
If it is not, ask the salesperson which toys are for girls and which are for boys and
why. Are there any “gender neutral” toys in the sections? Describe the sections.
Provide details so that the reader feels like they are there.
4. How do you “feel” in each section? What messages/themes/values come
through? Are there any captions on the packaging?
5. What type of play/behavior do the toys/clothes promote or prohibit? Provide clear
and detailed examples.
6. Do these toys/clothes contribute to gender socialization? If so, how?
• Be sure to include an appropriate introduction and conclusion. Utilize the
appropriate terms and concepts from class in your analysis.
• Your paper should be 2 – 3 pages.




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