Gender Inequality: Virginia Wolf: A room of one’s own” Chapter 3, Critical Analysis

Choose a subject that is particularly interesting about Virginia Wolf’s extended essay “A room on ones own”, specifically Chapter 3 of the extended essay, and present the results in a clearly reasoned and developed Critical Essay.

*Form A Thesis about a significant issue in question. The main purpose of this essay will have to support this thesis.

The paper should be divided up into sections as indicated below:

Title: choose a title that captures the essence of one of the issues discussed in the essay.

Introduction: The Thesis statement and Introduction should be clear and concise.

Main body: Should be subdivided into paragraphs and the development should rely on sources for support.

Conclusion: Should stress the importance of the thesis statement, and give the paper a sense of completeness.

Sources: Only from the extended essay itself or a peer reviewed academic source

*And please no plagiarism, my school has a plagiarism checker.


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