General Education Common Graded Assignment:

BIOL 109 Human Anatomy and PhysiologyBIOL 109 Human Anatomy and Physiology
Written Assignment – Digestive System
BIOL 109 Human Anatomy and Physiology is a general education course designed to assist students in the development of critical life skills.  One of the goals of this assignment is to assess student competence for each of these objectives:
I. Written and Oral Communication—demonstrate effective written skills in order to communicate scientific information to appropriate audiences.II. Critical Analysis and Reasoning—apply knowledge of the major nutritional needs of the body to explain how the digestive system works.III. Information Literacy— identify, find, and evaluate appropriate resources for research in order to effectively convey up to date and accurate information to the reader.IV. Scientific and Quantitative or Logical Reasoning—determine the impact that physiological and anatomical changes will have on the human body and integrate the functioning of the digestive system with other body systems to explain how the body functions as a whole.V. Local and Global Diversity—discuss how the anatomy and physiology of the human body is similar in all racial and cultural groups.

In addition to the above general education objectives,this assignment assesses students’ understanding and application of the following skills and knowledge specific to BIOL 109 Human Anatomy and Physiology:• Homeostasis• Digestive system structure and function and integration with other body systems

Part 1:Jim eats a slice of pizza while studying for his BIOL 109 Final Exam.  Starting in the mouth, describe the process of digestion and describe the fate of the pizza from the beginning to the end of the digestive process.  What would you expect to happen to Jim if the cheese and pepperoni had spoiled and he ate the slice of pizza anyway?
Part 2:Jim was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and is experiencing symptoms after eating the slice of pizza.  Describe possible symptoms associated with this condition.  Jim will need to eat a gluten-free diet to control his symptoms.  Identify specific dietary substitutions or alternatives that Jim will need to incorporate into his diet in order to keep his symptoms under control. Part 3:Jim is eating lunch with several of his friends who are from Ethiopia, Greece, Japan, and Brazil.  They begin to discuss how “unhealthy” eating habits are leading to a prevalence of celiac disease and other chronic diseases in America.  Jim’s friends claim that these chronic diseases are less prevalent in their cultures because of their healthier diets.  Compare and contrast the relevance of celiac disease in various cultures and provide evidence (if any) that supports Jim’s friends’ claims that the American diet causes a higher prevalence of celiac disease than other cultures.
Part 4:  Based on the information obtained for this assignment, how would you use this information to develop a healthier diet and lifestyle (for you or a family member)?

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Purpose: To understand the physical and chemical processes associated with various organs and accessory structure of the digestion system and how it relates to the body asa whole. Audience: General public Directions: Students will read the above scenario and conduct research for supporting information using  appropriate academic resources  to answer the question(s).
ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS:• Minimum 3 pages typed in Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri 12-pt font, double-spaced with 1” margins.  The Works Cited page and/or Title page is not included in the assigned page length, nor does the space that any image, graph, or table occupies count towards the three pages.• APA style format and documentation for parenthetical citations and a references page.• Include at least one image, graph, or table to support your paper.• Minimum of 3academically appropriate or peer-reviewed secondary sourcesin addition to assigned primary source/s.  The textbook for this course can count as one of the approved resources.Wikipedia (or other .com websites) are not appropriate resources.  You may collect data or information at .gov or .org websites (like the CDC, NIH or other government websites or organizational websites like the American Society for Nutrition or devoted to information on  nutrition or  Celiac Disease Foundation)• Utilize library databases to locate appropriate sources such as journal articles, research papers, or books (text or reference).
GRADING:• This assignment will account for 5  %of the total course grade (as already outline in the CCO for this course).• See attached rubric for details about how your essay will be graded
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES:• This assignment can be submitted as a hard copy or electronically through BlackBoard Assignment drop box – Please check with your instructor for submission preferences.• Please submit TWO copies.  One copy should include your student ID, course number and section; it should omit student and faculty names.  If you are submitting electronically you need to submit 2 copies.  Please name your files accordingly:o For your instructor – Last Name, First Initial and BIOL 109 Digestive WA Example SmithJBIOL109WAo For your anonymous submission – Student ID Number Course & Section Example – 123456789 BIOL109CD1 If you include a title page – it should only contain the title of your assignment, your Student ID number and Course and section number – No student or Faculty nam

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