Find a local landform that is glacial in origin. Good examples include esker, kame, kettle lake, drumlin, terminal moraine, ice-walled lake, subglacial valley, ec. For those of you who are in Minnesota, there are lots of options to chose from. If you are in another state (except Florida), there are still glacial landforms to be found in the local landscape. In more southern states the only options would be higher in the mountains.

Visit the landform. Take a few photos of it from different angles. Find it on the topo map ( and include a copy of that with your report.

Answer the following questions:

1) What is the name/type of the landform? Where is it located?

2) What is the presumed origin of the landform? Is it depositional or erosional? Approximately when do you think was it created?

3) What do you see on the surface of the landform that suggests its glacial origin?

4) How big is the landform (length, width, height or depth).

5) Is there any evidence that the landform is used in any way by humans today? For example, some eskers in Minnesota are used as a good source of gravel.

Attach the photos and the topo map image for your landform to your report and submit it to the dropbox.



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