Glengarry/Glen Ross by David Mamet ANALYSIS PAPER


Read Glengarry/Glen Ross by David Mamet. It’s in your book and can be found online. Do not watch the movie. It’s isn’t the same and you will be writing about scenes that aren’t in the play.
Use the Gordon Rule Format.

Read these instructions carefully before you read the play.

You will turn in an analysis of the play using Aristotle’s area. This isn’t a detailed paper on every aspect just make sure you cover all 6 areas. I want you to talk about how YOU interpreted the play. Identify specific moments/speeches as to Act/scene

In terms of plot… Did you find any exposition? What was the inciting incident? Were there a series of crises before that and what were they? What did you think was the climax of the play? Why did that moment you felt was the climax, the highest dramatic point, have the most impact for you?

Character. Who do you think was the protagonist? Who was antagonist? What flaw did they possess and how did it effect their actions in the play? Did you find any characters likable? Unlikable?

Thought…In your mind…your own interpretation…what was Mamet trying to say? What universal theme is put forward in this play? Why did you make that determination?

Diction.. Look at the words he uses. Are there any other places in the play where you thought that the playwright’s use of language played a significant role? Were there any monologues? Did the language(words) used by the playwright reveal anything about the characters?

Music…What did you hear? Explain the sounds, the vocal qualities, the other noises you heard in your head.

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And finally…Spectacle. What did it look like? The set, the lighting, the costumes, the actors? And what lead you to imagine what is in your head.

Submit it through the proper turnitin box found on the class content page on blackboard. Do not just email it to me. By now you all should have your computers set up properly to be able to use all the blackboard features.

At least 900 words, about 3 pages. I want YOUR interpretation of the play. Other than the names of the 6 areas of analysis, the questions I’ve posed above are simply suggestions on where you might start. Don’t take them as questions you must answer.

Please use your own thought and words. If you have taking information/opinions directly from another source, you MUST identify that source. This is NOT a research paper!! If plagiarism is found you will receive 0% and will not be able to make up those points.