Global Connections to International Markets in Jakarta Indonesia

This paper will focus on the city chosen in the Global South. The city will be Jakarta, Indonesia.

First, explain the history of Jakarta, Indonesia as a city of the Global South. Continue an in depth research paper of Jakarta, Indonesia’s global connections to the international markets.

Writer can reference or use the following sources provided by professor as well (please see listed):
Sassen, S. (2001). “Chapter One: Overview” In The Global City; New York, London, Tokyo. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ. pp. 3-15. File
Brenner, N., & Keil, R. (2011). From global cities to globalized urbanization, In: LeGates, R. T., & Stout, F. (Eds.). The city reader. Routledge, Oxon and New York, Fifth edition, pp. 599-608. File
Friedmann, J., & Wolff, G. (1982). World city formation: an agenda for research and action. International journal of urban and regional research, 6(3), 309-344


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