Global Operations/ Logistics/Inventory/Quality Control

29. Global Operations/ Logistics/Inventory/Quality Control

Library Research
You will be required to find 3 three articles related to any of three different topics covered in the text. You may find these articles on the Internet or in the hard copies of journals and business magazines in the library. The articles chosen must be at least two full pages in length, exclusive of photos and graphics. Articles from common newsweekly publications (Time, Newsweek, etc.) will also be acceptable if the article is significant in depth – ask me if you have questions on this point. Articles must be recent (dated no earlier than January 2012) and published in a regular periodical. Case studies and information from books are not appropriate for this project.
Be careful to avoid press releases and corporate propaganda disguised as articles. Anything from Business Wire and PR Newswire will be a press release, and should not be used. A good database search for legitimate articles would be ProQuest,, accessible through the SUNY Plattsburgh library web site and available to all of you.
Your summaries must be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font or smaller, and at the very least be one and one-half pages in length. For each summary, list the appropriate reference, give a brief introduction into the topic covered and how it relates to the course, and then present the main points of the article. At the end of the summary, tell me what you personally learned from this article. Use the outline below as a guide.
Sample Summary Outline:
Your Name:
Article Title:
Publication Name and Date:
Where Retrieved (URL or database):
Relevant SCM 301 Topic:
Start your review . . . . . . .
Your summary of the articles must be professionally presented and the summaries must be paraphrased in your own words (do not just copy parts of the article into your summary). I do not need you to print the articles that you used, but I must be able to locate the articles with the citation information that you provide.

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