Global Strategy


1. What accounts for the leadership position that ZARA occupies in the industry?
Some key notes made which can be expanded on (if relevant)
Zara is the leader of fast fashion industry, but is in struggle for industry leadership with H&M
H&M: second biggest number of sales, boost sales by having famous designer collaborations

1. vertical integration (new collections and design anytime, weekly basis, build on customer expectation, inhouse production)
2. super fast turn around (new design every two weeks, short lead-time)
3. listen carefully to customer needs and wants
4. online shopping
5. variety of clothes (diversity of clothes)
6. focus on product design and quality instead of advertisement
7. policy pricing (taking in account of costs)
8. lower quantities, more styles
9. information technology (implementation for platform to anaylse different target segment and their demand)
10. very broad target market, not segmenting as traditionally, (all shape, style, age),..


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