glucuretic therapy

Does glucuretic therapy with the novel SGLT2 inhibitor empagliflozin at a dose of 25mg once daily significantly increase the odds of achieving an HbA1c target of <7% compared to placebo in adults suffering from diabetes mellitus type II?

This is supposed to be a systematic review with meta-analysis of the new antidiabetic drug empagliflozin which belongs to a group of drugs called SGLT2 inhibitors – I would like for this to be completed as a back up for my draft deadline in case I do not get enough time due to revision. I am an A grade student usually so please I expect this to be of high standard. The SGLT2 inhibitors are glucuretic drugs – basically they correct the hyperglycaemia (high glucose) by inducing glucosuria (passing out glucose in urine). I have picked four randomised control trials to include in the meta-analysis and have constructed a forest plot and funel plot using Revman. The writer must be familiar with these statistical parts of meta-analysis otherwise they will not be able to understand what to do. Must be able to comment on e.g. choice of fixed vs random effects analysis etc. I’ll send what I’ve done so far, the pdfs of the trials I included, the supervisors criteria checklist and the Revman document after payment. If in your professional judgement/previous experience of conducting meta-analysis you want to change some things or add outcomes to make up more words that is fine.

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