Goals, Objectives and Assessment Paper

Please address the fоllоwing рaper in complete APA format (no abstract is neccessarу). Please include introduction, content with appropriate citation, conclusion, and reference. Address all specifications Specifications: Describe a real or hypothetical course scenario (grade level, topic, program) and develop a minimum of one learning goal and three objectives. Create at least two assessments, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, to evaluate student learning for each of the objectives. Provide a rationale for the action verbs and levels used. Paper should be at least four full pages excluding cover page and references. Include a minimum of four professional references. References to use https://cft.vanderbilt.edu/guides-sub-pages/blooms-taxonomy/ https://www.bloomstaxonomy.org Course Book – Read Chapter 7 & 8 Suskie, L. (2009). Assessing student learning: A common sense guide (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons.

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