Read W L. Gore – Culture of Innovation, Case 20, pages C-262 – C-270.
For this case analysis, your group will prepare a written analysis of 3 to 5 pages that uses the text and other credible sources as appropriate. Your group paper should have 1″ margins, be double spaced, and use APA formats for
• topic and subtopic headings • citations • references
Your group case must minimally address the following issues / questions:
• Determine if W.L. Gore’s business formula corresponds with the theories of the 1/0 model of above-average returns or the resource-based model of above-average returns. Explain your response, and outline the steps for the model that best reflects W.L. Gore’s situation. • Define W.L. Gore’s tangible and intangible resources, and discuss their value to the organization. Identify the capabilities and core competencies that support the company’s competitive advantages. • Evaluate the firm’s decision-making capabilities. How does W.L. Gore locate attractive industries and select its strategic approach when pursuing promising market opportunities? • Consider W.L. Gore’s competitive strategy. Assess the fitness of the firm’s organizational structure and controls to help the company achieve its strategic objectives. Can you identify any problem areas that may develop as the company faces oncoming competitive forces?
Your grade for this assignment will be based on three criteria (see the rubric for more details):
1. Individual Contribution: up to 40 of the 100 points 2. Group Deliverable: up to 24 of the 100 points 3. Individual Collaboration: up to 36 of the 100 points
All individual contributions and your individual collaboration with the team MUST be evidenced in the group section in Blackboard.
The written assignment is due by 6 PM on May 4.
Group Oral Presentations will be made on the evening of’May 4.

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