Government regulation of Modular Home buidling in CO


Government Regulation Paper
explore how government rules affect a particular business or other legal entity.  You can do this in either of two ways:  (1) you can look at your own place of employment or that of a family member (parent/spouse/sibling/significant other) or (2) you can select an industry in which you have an interest, but are not currently employed, and research how it is impacted by government regulations.  In considering the impact of the government on this business, you can look at either federal or state agency regulations, a state or federal statute and/or a court decision.Your paper should include:1- A description of the organization or industry—I am writing on the Modular Home building industry2- A description of the applicable law (including proper citation) which impacts the organization or industry.  If the entity is heavily regulated by several agencies, choose a specific area of regulation that has a significant impact.  Discuss how the law is enforced (e.g. loss of funding, loss of license, civil penalties, criminal penalties etc.)—There are many rules and regs from the Federal level to the state level.  Please focus on Colorado specifically and the rules of becoming a dealer, setting homes and set inspection rules, and final inspections before occupancy.3- An estimate of the costs of compliance.  You don’t have to give me an exact dollar amount, but describe the resources that are allocated to compliance issues.4- A cost-benefit analysis.  Identify any benefits related to the rules. Be objective in your analysis of what the benefits are, even if compliance is a “pain-in-the-neck.” Do the benefits of the rules outweigh the costs of compliance?5- An exploration of alternate methods, if any, to achieve the purpose of the rules6- Your personal assessment of the effectiveness and necessity of those rules.The length of the paper:  approximately 5 pages (double-spaced.)Please provide citations to any secondary sources that you use.Maximum points:  50

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