Great profit opportunity (25 fake reviews)


Goal: Write 25 reviews for the world’s best dog groomer in casual and conversational English. You are reviewing the world’s best dog groomer in Beverly Hills, California. Each review needs to seem like it’s coming from a different person with a different positive experience. Change your writing style, grammar, points of view, and talking points. Your writing should also vary between coming from a feminine and masculine perspective. The only common theme between the reviews is that they’re all EXTREMELY positive and LOVE the place. Here are some things to talk about in your reviews – for writing inspiration. Toni the owner is friendly, kind, and intelligent Greg the head groomer is friendly, responsible, and caring The entire staff team is very friendly, warm, and nurturing Groom is way better than the competition because it’s safe and warm while the competition is sketchy, dangerous, and irresponsible. This place is always swarmed with celebrities. Celebrities you saw inside are • Jennifer Lopez • Ellen DeGeneres • Mariska Hargitay • Zara Larsson • Sean Mendes ** Only name one celebrity maximum per review and only include celebrities in a maximum of 5 of the 25 reviews. Easy parking Great conversation with other customers Free water Free treats Free bandanas Very fluffy Loving community Beautiful store Great ambience Amazing music Your dog is very happy to go to this place Your dog is always so happy after they are groomed You get to watch your dog being groomed through glass Affordable pricing Amazing customer service You have become best friends with all of the staff here You have made many friends through meeting other customers You have been to this place 10 times You bring your dog every month and you love it Your kids love coming to this place to see all the cute dogs You’ve told all your friends about this place Your entire office gets there dog groomed here This place is world famous as the best dog groomer in Los Angeles Your entire neighborhood was talking about this place so you just had to try it Best dog groomers in the world. Friendly, kind, and attentive to detail You found this place on Instagram You found this place on Google Some reviews may incorporate 10 of the above talking points while some may just have 1. Regardless, the most important thing is that these reviews are extremely positive and different from one another so that they do not all seem like they came from the same writer. ALSO VARY BETWEEN ADDRESSING THE DOG GROOMING STORE AS “YOU and YOUR” and “GROOM” with “GROOM” BEING THE MAJORITY. Number your reviews 1 through 25 with 3 line spacing between each. Vary each review between 10 words and 200 words: with the average landing around 40 words.

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