Greyhound Racing in Queensland

Laws governing greyhound racing are passed by Australian states and regulated by state-level racing bodies. Greyhound racing is currently legal in all Australian states and territories. In Queensland the relevant legislation is the Racing Act 2002 (Qld), which governs the Queensland Greyhound Racing Authority. In recent years several state/territory governments have proposed reforms to the greyhound racing industry. Renewed debate was sparked by the ‘2015 live baiting controversy’, with certain jurisdictions adopting policies to ban or reform the industry. In response, the Queensland Government introduced the Racing Integrity Act 2016 (Qld), which introduced the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission. The government has continued to monitor the issue and promised to take additional action if necessary. Task: Write a briefing note to the Premier advising them on their policy on greyhound racing in Queensland To complete this assessment you will need to complete independent research to develop various policy options, including a specific recommendation. Your work will benefit from drawing upon a range of government and scholarly sources, such as departmental reports and peer reviewed journal articles. Here are some introductory media resources to introduce you to the topic before beginning your own research: Howells, Melinda. 2015. “Queensland racing boards abolished in response to greyhound live-baiting report.” ABC News, June 2. Phillips, Clive. 2016. “New South Wales overturns greyhound ban: A win for the industry, but a massive loss for the dogs.” The Conversation, October 11. For this assessment you are required to write a briefing note in the format described below. The first two pages, the ‘body’, should engage the topic in the format of a briefing note. The third page is to be used as an appendix to describe in more detail the pros and cons of the option that you recommended in your briefing note. [see Template document on Assessment page of Blackboard] Students should take note of the marking criteria for this assessment, as it is very specific to the style and form of the Briefing Note as well as the content.

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