Gun regulation


Please follow the directions step by step:
_There are 4 resources of articles in the attachment, you can only depend on them in the paper. (IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU NEED MORE RESOURCES, YOU CAN FIND TWO OTHER RESOURCES ONLY AFTER USING THE ALL 4 THAT I GAVE) DO NOT FORGET THAT YOU HAVE TO USES THE 4 ARTICLES THAT I PUT.
-Also you have to read the bookin the attachment to take out some information from it.
Please submit your Literature Review as a PDF with all of your references included in the same document at the end. This can be done either by saving everything in 1 PDF file, or by creating a PDF portfolio using Adobe Pro. Alternatively, you can upload each file individually, or include a list of links to the articles at the end of your paper.
• Length of body of paper: 5 pages, double-spaced, 12 fonts, normal margins.
• Paper should include the following sections:
• Introduction: 1 paragraph
• Background/ evidence on topic: 2-3 paragraphs- this should include statistics from census and other demographic data.
• Clearly defined issue statement- Maximum 1 paragraph, ideally a few sentences.
• Literature review- 2-3 pages- should lay out the previous research and evidence surrounding the topic. What else have others in the field tried to address the problem? Are there any controversies surrounding the topic? Is the evidence mixed or in alignment? Is this a problem that should be addressed at the individual level, family level, community level, or policy level?
• Conclusion/Discussion- 1 paragraph- should summarize the research and offer directions for future projects, specifically to address populations most at risk for issue.
• Proof-read and professionally presented, that means organized, typed, double-spaced, spell-checked, and grammar-checked.
• Must have minimum of four peer-reviewed journal sources. I do not count or accept Wikipedia or or other common “.com” sources as academic sources.
• Should have at least 6 sources total- (this should be 4 peer reviewed articles and 2+ sources for the background data).
• Double check your sources with your group members before you start writing.
• Papers will be graded on how thoroughly the subject area is covered and how well the information and its importance to the body of knowledge are explained. This isn’t about length, but depth and application as well as general information. Please continue to ask yourselves “why is this important and who should know about it?”
• The paper must be done in research format. Be sure to cite sources within the body of the paper using APA format. Any idea that is not yours MUST have a citation for where the information came from. Without source citation, you are committing plagiarism.
• If you are unclear about what APA formatting is, check out Purdue OWL, or the APA 6th edition, or ask the librarian for help.

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