Each student will write page research paper assessing one (or more) of the claims advanced by Azzam Tamimi in Hamas: A History from Within. The paper should utilize and cite ten to twelve or more appropriate academic sources, a mix of journal articles and books, to assess the accuracy of the Tamimi claim(s) that you focus upon in your paper. It is also expected that your paper will introduce significant material beyond what is mentioned in Tamimi. You may find it difficult to differentiate academic from non-academic sources but only the former count toward the minimum number of required sources. It is, therefore, strongly recommended that you consult with a librarian when doing your search for appropriate sources. If the service is restored soon, you may use the Ask the Librarian feature of your online Charter Oak library but, if you re at all close to a decent college or university library, it is likely to be well worth your while to stop in and speak with a research librarian directly. Once you have determined that particularly sources are indeed academic, you can often access them online.

Please include abstract in paper.


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