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Good afternoon, my name is …. I am 30 years old, reside in Miami and am from Cuba. I go to school part-time in the evening and online. I love music, any genre and anywhere! I believe music is the essence of life, next to love of course. Reading is my second favorite past-time, it is an escape from reality and an immersion into a fantasy, your mind can create any detail as you want it to be. My hobbies are pretty much the same as my interests. I love listening to music anywhere, when I study, when I clean, when I exercise. I read as much as I can. I spend the most time I can with my partner, we go to dinner dates and movie dates. I love being with my family, and I love to dance whenever I have the chance to escape from my responsibilities. Sports, I’m not going to lie, I watch them. Basketball being my favorite, the biggest Miami Heat fan right here.
My future plans are finish my Bachelor now in the December term of 2018 and them get my Master degree in Nursing, work at a rewarding job, have a baby and buy my dream house. I have been an addict to Grey’s Anatomy, and of course that does not justify my career, but it is something that stirs my curiosity and makes me want to pursue such a thrilling and challenging career. My major, I am an ICU Registered Nurse.

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