Health effects of different types of milk (low fat, skimmed, etc)

Health PortfolioHealth PortfolioThis is basically a “Developmental”, “Reflective” or “Self-Assessment” portfolio. The purpose of this portfolio is for you to do more in-depth research into an area that interests you. It should be specific, not general; you would not choose the topic “Health” but rather the topic “How Healthy are fast foods, such as McDonalds?”
• Each student will choose a topic related to Health on which they wish to focus and learn more.  You must turn in your topic of research to your teacher by Wednesday,  29  May.
• Students will demonstrate to the teacher that they have an improved understanding of the chosen topic by summarizing 10 articles from magazine, newspaper, internet (not Wikipedia), Health/MD websites, etc.  Articles must be approximately 500 words in length.
• Students will write a summary (150 words) for each article.  These summaries will be turned in to  “TURN-IT-IN by Tuesday, 12 May, 3:00 p.m..
• Students will turn in a soft-copy of all articles to the teacher (via email) on Tuesday, 12 May, 3:00 p.m..You MUST include your source information for the article with the article.
• On Tuesday, 12 May, students will write, in class, a reflection to explain what they have learned from their research; this reflection must be detailed and specific.
• This is an individual assignment;  you may NOT work in groups.
Summaries should be as follows: approximately 150 words per summary Sources and Bibliography: A soft-copy of the original article must accompany the summary; be sure that the “source” information is on the article.

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