Health Science


Diploma in Health Science (Nursing)
NR2_ Research Critique Instructions 1
Research Critique Instructions (80marks; 40%)
1) Choose 1 quantitative research article.
2) The article must address the clinical problem and provide good understanding of the
3) Do not choose systematic reviews, meta-analysis or qualitative research.
4) The chosen article must be within 5years (2012-2018).
5) Student must critically analysed the article using the sample and guidelines provided
6) Students are encouraged to view the sample critique and marking rubric prior to
writing the assignment.
7) The word limit is 1350 to 1650 words. Two (2) marks will be deducted for every 100
words less or more than the word limit.
8) Please submit hardcopy and Safe Assign critique submission by 5pm, 28 May 2018.
9) 1% will be deducted per day for late submission.
10) 0 mark will be accorded if you fail to submit your assignment 5 days after deadline.
1) Students need to include the following points in the assignment:
a. Components from the research article are to be accurately and fully identified
by student
b. Critically analyse whether the components appear to be a strength of the study
or a possible limitation to the implementation of the study’s findings, and
c. Explain for why it is a strength or a limitation.
2) Students may wish to discuss the below critique points for each of the components.
Note that students may provide other relevant points.
Part 1: Article Information
Title: length; relevance to content; clarity (if the component is described clearly)
Abstract: length; clarity; coverage of the information about study
Part 2: Introduction to article
Rationale: clarity; relationship/link to research topic
Background Introduction: coverage of information; statistics provided to support
Part 3: Literature Review
Literature review: logical organization; conceptual or theoretical framework provided
and/or discussed; balance of review and critique analysis of literature
Themes: clearly explained; relationship and relevance to previous research
School of Health Sciences
Diploma in Health Science (Nursing)
NR2_ Research Critique Instructions 2
Research gaps: clarity; relationship/link to purpose of the study
Part 4: Designing the Research I
Hypotheses or Research questions: relationship/link to research gap and purpose;
clarity on how IV and DV are manipulated or measured; PICO
Aim or Purpose of study: clarity; relationship/link to research gap; relevance to nursing
Part 5: Designing the Research II
Independent and dependent variables: clarity; explanation on how they are related or
interconnected; relationship/link to hypothesis or research question
Research design: appropriateness with regards to hypothesis and purpose of the study
Part 6: Methodology I
Sampling methods: appropriateness for study; clearly described in detail
Sample size: appropriateness for study; representativeness of population
Inclusion and exclusion criteria: clarity; appropriateness for study
Part 7: Methodology II
Ethics procedure: confidentiality and safety of sample participants fully described
Materials or Instrumentation: validity; reliability; appropriateness for study
Procedure: steps to be clearly described in detail, logical, and easy to follow
Part 8: Discussion
Conclusion: clarity; logically described; significance of results; relationship/link to
literature review, hypothesis or research question, and purpose of the study;
generalizability of results to population
Limitations: clarity; relationship/link to methodology; suggestions raised to improve
Implications to practice and research: ease of applicability; clinical significance to

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