Hero and Journal


In the book,
The Man Who Quit Money by Mark Sundeen’s
Wild byCheryl Strayed,
Joseph Campbell’s theory about the hero with a thousand faces.
Demonstrates how Cheryl Strayed does or does not correspond to Joseph Campbell’s theory about the hero. Would Joseph Campbell’s think that Strayed’s story is a hero myth? Be sure to support your answer by suing Campbell’s schema of separation, initiation, and return. When applying the components of Strayed’s story to Campbell’s thesis, be as specific as possible. You should give a deeper analysis that looks at how these stories fit into the following list of subcategories.
1. Departure. The Call to Adventure. Refusal of the Call. Supernatural Aid. The Crossing of the First Threshold. The Belly of the Whale.
2. Initiation. The Road of Trials. The Meeting with the Goddess. Woman as the Temptress. Atonement with the Father. Apotheosis. The Ultimate Boon.
3. Return. Refusal of the Return. The Magic Flight. Rescue from Without. The Crossing of the Return Threshold. Master of the Two Worlds. Freedom to Live.
Campbell’s theory-like all theories-is a schema of the general and not of any particular, which means that you should focus on the categories and sub-categories that seem to be the most present and instrumental in the stories; likewise, it means that you should eliminate or outright ignore the ones that are not present or are de-empgasized.
The body paragraph: introduce the subcategory.
Quote from Campbell.
Explain the quote.
introduce the corresponding narrative moment in Strayed.
Quote from Strayed

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