They are numberless.
The internet is the largest, most versatile information
resource ever created. You have that resource at your fingertips.
But if you’re like me, you haven’t truly taken in its immensity and power.
We skate along its surface and question little.
This part of our Course Website encourages you to go
deeper, for your own benefit and that of your fellow travelers.
Your Task, If You Choose to Accept this Challenge:
If you wish to follow up — to dig deeper — by learning more about anything presented on our
material for this week, please do.
If you strike gold in your searching, I strongly urge you to present your treasure here.
For extra credit, please post pictures and provide links by clicking on the “Reply” button, below.
Provide for each link a brief description
so that fellow cybernauts know what they’re missing and
how the link or resource might help them better understand the history that we’re learning.
I will assign points based on the quality of your description and the usefulness of the resource to our
Be the instructor. Share the Wealth.


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