One of the greatest challenges in education today is working with Native American students, with Native American themes. So thinking about how this work can help you support other students of color, as well as white students and other non-Natives.


What your paper needs to include:
Teacher Experience of Native Students and Communities (Analysis)– for this section, your job is to examine the words and experiences of teachers profiled in the book Collected Wisdom. In examining the experiences of the teacher in the book, you will need to answer these questions:

1) What do teachers think about working with Native American students?
2) What strengths do teachers identify in Native American students?
3) What challenges do teachers identify in working with Native American students?

You will need to use examples from teacher’s voice in the text demonstrate your answers. Your purpose is to identify their perspectives as means to think about your own practice in the future. Focus on using the voices of the teachers as the means to demonstrate your conclusions. I want to see how you are able to identify the perspectives of the teachers, and what their perspectives mean.


Potential Application as a Teacher (Synthesis) – using the teacher stories you selected, I want you to think about how you might use this information yourself as a teacher. How might the teacher reflections influence you in your own teaching? I want you to address this question in two different ways:

1) How does this information help you think about working with Native American students?
2) How does the information here help you think about working with non-Native students?

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In the first question, I want you to consider how you might think about working with Native Students, and how what you have learned might support you in doing this effectively. In the second question, I want you to consider how what you have learned would impact your work with non-Native students, and think about how this knowledge might be beneficial and necessary for non-Native students as well.


Your Evaluation of the Text (Evaluation) – based on what you read, evaluate the book’s effectiveness. Do you think the book has done a good job in discussing issues around Native American education? What do you think is missing? What would you like to have seen more of in the text?


Conclusion and Steps for Further Research (Application) – write a brief conclusion where you describe the importance of this information, and to consider what other information or data you may want to look for in the future. What other knowledge or research do you need to pursue in order to have a greater understanding of what you have learned thus far?


Your Artistic Representation
For your second art project, you will need to use your graphite to create a drawing that represents the theme “Collected.” You can choose any symbol or representation of this theme (google images might help for inspiration) and produce a piece of art that means “Collected” to you.
Some requirements for your piece:
1) It needs to be on a page no smaller then 8”x11”
2) A majority of the page needs to have some pigment on it
3) Your symbol needs to have an explanation along with it

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Helpful Hints:
– read and be sure you understand all of the requirements in the protocols of the handout
– write a standard essay, with citations using APA format (utilize Purdue’s OWL APA website https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ if you are unsure about APA formatting for citations and reference page
– include page numbers
– double space your work
– use 12 point font and 1” margins
– use subheadings to organize your paper
Item Score
Complete Paper (all components included) 10
Neatness/Punctuation/Conventions 10
(Analysis) 50
(Synthesis) 50
(Evaluation) 50
Conclusion and Steps for Further Research (Application) 20
Artistic Representation 10
Total Score 200