In this Reflection Activity, you will be asked to think and write about an important issue or theme from the chapter. Your response will be submitted directly to the instructor, rather than shared with the class. First, read the prompt below. Then, respond to the question(s) asked at the bottom of the activity. Follow your instructor’s guidelines in terms of word count and content.

The most visible manifestation of the Renaissance comes from artistic genius and innovation, but the defining feature of the period is an outlook or worldview called humanism. Both of these developed in a particular set of circumstances, a unique historical context that characterized the northern Italian city-states and that we call the Renaissance. Their dominance of Mediterranean trade made these Italian cities into prosperous commercial centers where powerful merchants displaced the old landed aristocracy in positions of power and influence. The resulting social structure bore little resemblance to the traditional ordered society of the Middle Ages. Another point of uniqueness was Italian cities’ relatively independent political development that led first to republican forms and then to despotism. In the process, they laid the foundations for modern political thought.

o Of these two sets of circumstances, the political and the economic, which do you think was most important in creating an environment ripe for the Renaissance to flourish? Why?

• To show analytical ability in formal writing.
• You will be assigned a specific topic to reflect on in the Module/Week 7 Assignment folder.
• The essay will include a clear introduction, body and conclusion.
• The thesis statement must clearly answer the question posed, and provide strong analysis.
• There mustbe nouse of first or second person pronouns.
• There must be no use of contractions, slang, or colloquial phrases.
• The paper must follow college level requirements for grammar.
• The paper must be 5distinct paragraphs. It must be 700–1,000words and include parenthetical citations. Word count must be provided at the end of the essay.
• Parenthetical citations, following current Turabian guidelines, must be provided where appropriate. (See example below for details.)

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1. Formatting, college level grammar and mechanics, and overall clarity of language will be considered.
2. A strong and clear analysis must be evident throughout, and the body of the paper must clearly support the thesis.
3. Support must be drawn from the MindTap readings, course lectures, and other documents. Outside research can be conducted but must be properly cited within the body of the paper as well as at the end in a reference list.A reference list is needed only if outside sources are used.
4. All support must be properly cited using current Turabian guidelinesYou must also follow university guidelines andgive proper credit to ideas and opinions that are not your own.
5. See Reflection Essay Grading Rubric for details and point distribution.

Source Citation Example:
According to Perry, et. al., “When Socrates was seventy, he was accused of corrupting the youth” (Perry, 81).
Socrates, though a great teacher and influential in the lives of many, never wrote down any of his teachings, leaving it to his pupils to carry on his teachings (Perry, 81).

Where page numbers are not available, section numbers or other placement information is acceptable.
• Submit your essay as a Word document in Blackboard through the Assignment link within the Module/Week 7 folder.
• DO NOT submit your essay to MindTap.