History of Euclidean Geometry and its applications

The project for this class gives the opportunity to the students to explore historical and real-world applications of liberal arts mathematic topics. The project must have an abstract that briefly summarizes the project and the intended outcome or findings. The project must have an introduction that explains the problem and gives relevant background information. The main body should explain in detail the the different details you discovered about the topic as well as the applications. The conclusion must give a concise summary of the findings and future considerations for expansion. The project must include at least three references (books,papers from the literature, or web sources).
You may work in groups of at most threestudents; everyone in a group gets the same grade. A literature review or annotated bibliography (i.e., a bibliography that includes a short summary or analysis of each work) for theproject are due on January 20 via email. This project is minimum 2 pages long (not including pictures or graphs, or references). It is due April 7th via blackboard. Please be original with your work since they will be sent to turnitin for originality. Based on that report the project will be accepted or not.
Topics (please check with me if you are interested in another topic related to our class that is not on this list):

History of the Pascal Triangle and its applications to Probability including Combinations
Please research about the history of this topic and its applications including how it can be used to solve combination/permutations problems.


History of Euclidean Geometry and its applications
Select a topic of Euclidean geometry like triangles, circles, etc. Talk about the history of it and the applications.

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Arts and mathematics
Research about how mathematics is observed in art during different eras. This paper should include influence of mathematics in the artistic development.

Real Life Applications of Logic (Truth Tables, Statements, etc)
Pic a topic and talk about the history of how it was create/discovered and the application to real life.

Discuss how your state lottery work in terms of winning changes, number of outcomes and prices.
What are the advantages of an annuity vs. lump sum option for the grand prize winner?