Household Budget Spreadsheet

Create a Spreadsheet. Prepare a sample household budget. This may be based on your actual household situation or may be fictitious.

Your budget must:

Include 12 columns, one for each month (the template provides only 2 columns to start with)
Reflect at least two expenses that are not incurred monthly (e.g., they occur annually or quarterly in a given month)
Reflect appropriate fluctuations in income (if any) and expenses throughout the year
Include at least 15 comments that annotate the reasons for certain figures or changes in figures that are otherwise steady
Include a Results section (see orange shaded area on the template) that:
Is a summary of the annual income and expense figures
Reflects values generated from formulas (e.g., you may not paste in the amounts) that retrieve figures from your budget spreadsheet.
You may also:

Add and delete (income and expense) rows.
Add color, change fonts, etc. to improve legibility
When you submit this assignment, type or paste the following in the Write Submission area:

Description of the household (# of persons and their ages, number of pets, and anything else that will help to illuminate the assumptions in the budget);
The amount of time (in hours) you spent on this project; and
The resources (including humans!) you turned to for assistance, if any, and the type of information you got from that resource.

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