How can Leaders Contribute to Reduce the Underage Drinking Problem in the UK?

I have done of the Introduction, which have attached in the files. The introduction may change by myself after your finished the Mainbody and Conclusion. YOu need to refer to my report plan and the introduction, to keep on writing the mainbody and conclusion. You are welcome to make any changes which will be good to the report, but the report needs to be look like written by the same perpson. The sructure of the MAin body: The Leadership Framework The Leadership Framework is a set of questions designed to help you think about complex problems and the leadership needed to address them. •What is the problem? Why is it a problem? In what ways is this a ‘wicked’ problem? •What change is needed to solve/address this problem? •Who are the leaders who can influence change in relation to this problem?* •What are the challenges they face? What are the barriers to change? •What actions have leaders taken/are they taking? How effective have they been? •What more could they do? What could they do differently? * You must identify at least 3 leaders, who may be individuals, groups or organisations. Research findings (1700 words approx) This is the main body of your report. In it you should: • Set out your research findings (primary and/or secondary) – compare, evaluate, analyse. Remember that any primary research you’ve done should help you address the problem you’ve identified/leadership questions above, and should add something beyond what can be found in secondary sources • Examine the relationship between different sources, including your primary sources, if you have them, and secondary sources • o in what ways do your different sources complement each other/agree/disagree/offer different points of view on the problem o how and in what ways does your primary research reflect/bear out the secondary research? o can you use the secondary sources to help you analyse your primary sources? o is there any conflict between sources, including primary and secondary sources? • Address leadership questions: • o Who are the leaders who can influence change in relation to this problem? (You should consider a range of leaders – at least 3 – remembering that leaders can be groups or organisations, not just individuals) o Given this is a wicked problem, what does that tell us about the kinds of leadership approaches that might be required? o What are the challenges leaders face? o What are the barriers to change? o What actions have leaders taken? o How effective have they been? (evaluate/analyse/compare) • Remember also that we’re looking for evidence that you can reshape your material – use the research you’ve done to help you address the problem you’ve identified, and the related leadership questions. • Don’t worry if you find anomalies/problems, as long as you a) face up to/identify them and b) try to account for them (this may be in your conclusion?) Conclusions/Outcomes (500 words approx) Covers the final question in the Leadership Framework: What actions could leaders take to bring about change in relation to the problem you identified at the start? or, put another way, what leadership approaches might be tried in response to this wicked problem? Remember to maintain your leadership focus, and make sure you return to reflect upon the leadership questions and the evidence gathered from your primary and secondary research. Include your suggestions/recommendations for future actions to bring about change in relation to the problem identified. Please note, the word counts above are approximations. You migth find you need to write a bit more in your conclusion, and less in your introduction. However you use the word count across the complete report, remember the upper word limit is 3,500 words.

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