Human Papilloma Virus

24.Human Papilloma Virus

A4 size page,times new roman 12 point font,2 cm margins, vancouver refrencing pages 2 to 3 including refrencing.actually u have to write a complete report on HPV virus but for now beings only I need to submit first part of the report which is the BACKGROUND n it should include following things
1) how hpv is a public health problem.
2)what is it, consequences of hpv.
3)prevalance n infection rates of hpv n associated malignancies.
4)how is it transmitted.
5) who is most effected, high risk groups.
Writer has to frstly work on this n after approval frm my unit head remaining report requirements I will gve to the same writer.
Paper should have a standard of report writing at masters level.

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