Human Resource Management


Question 1
A current trend is to use Human Capital and Talent Management Software to administer and document recruitment and performance management procedures in a hospitality business.
1) List 3 (three) advantages or benefits to a business of implementing this approach.
2) Briefly explain why records of recruitment and performance management procresses should be kept.
3) Briefly explain why an organisation should have policies in relating to the storage and access of these records in an Australian Business?
Reference research conducted
Question 2
Briefly discuss 2 (two) ways you would follow up the outcome of the performance counselling session conducted in Assessment Task 4.
Question 3
Following conducting the performance appraisal for Kim Kuol, ( Assessment Task 9), briefly describe how you would monitor their progress over the next 6 months.
General monitoring of performance and monitoring activity specific to the goals set to be highlighted.
Answer may be presented in bullet point format.
Question 4
Despite signing in agreement, Kim has decided that outcome of the appraisal does not accurately reflect their job performance over the past 6 month. Kim wants advice on how to raise a grievance.
Explain what adevice you will give Kim. Reference research conducted.
Question 5
Appraisal is an important element in the performance management of a team.
1) Identify the type of performance assessment (absolute or comparative) conducted in Assessment Task 9 and briefly describe what methods were used.
2) List 2 (two) advantages of this type of performance assessment
3) List 2 (two) additional methods that are commonly used in the performance management of a team.
Question 6
As Food & Beverage Manager briefly describe how you would effectively;
1) Reward a team member for a great idea that will help the department achieve their sales budget.
2) Acknowledge that individual performance to the whole team.

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