Human Resources


Human Resources
1*Discuss: How should Ariele view his choices?
2*Is he upset emotionally because of some hidden prejudice?
3*If Ariel made the effort, could he build a mutually rewarding relationship with Yoshio, one that would give both parties a better

4*Assume you are Ariel’s best friend and he comes to you for advice. How might you counsel Ariel to make the right decision for himself?
5*Expand your understanding: Make a list of diversity issues that are important to today’s multicultural society.
6*Then, develop your list into a company manual that offers information, suggestions, and solutions for each of the issues. Your manual

should be valuable for new employees orientation as well as be a good resource for all employees.
7*Consult several company websites to complete your manual. If possible, make some additional suggestions to Ariele and Yoshio for helping

them forge brighter futures.

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