Human Services



“What are human services” Paper This paper will have two main

sections : “What are Human Services” and “Attitudes towards clients of Human

Services”. Each section should address the questions listed below.

1) “What are human services?”:

This paper should demonstrate you ability to integrate information from the

semester so far into a basic definition of human services. You don’t need

to include EVERYTHING from the semester however, I am assessing if

students are able to identify major concepts that add to the definition.

2) Discuss attitudes towards clients of Human Services:

How has society viewed individuals with human services needs in the past? How

are views towards clients of human services shaped by individuals and society?

What is your personal view of individuals with human services needs? What

information or experiences inform your view?

Students may use course information for these paper but must also use at least

(3) additional reliable sources of information, including empirical research or

evaluation reports This paper should be 5-7 pages. Points will be deducted from

papers exceeding page limit. and you must research for tha book (Woodside, M., & McClam, T. (2011).An introduction to human services (7th

edition).Pacific Grove, CA: Thompson Learning


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