Humanities Paper World War I

ESSAY WRITING TOPIC:World War I has often been described as an “unnecessary war.” The limited dispute between Austria and Serbia led to a massive conflict involving multiple nations and coalition fighting. Considering the causes of the war, the high death toll, the reasons that many major nations became involved, and the ultimate consequences for the 20th century, explain the legitimacy of this claim. Do you find that this war was “unnecessary” as some historians claim? If so, why?

ESSAY GUIDELINES:Your essays are intended to examine a specific subject of the Humanities. However there are numerous things to consider when writing in the Humanities. First, make sure that your subject is clear. The topic of your essay should not be in question. Your writing should offer some commentary upon the subject. This commentary should follow from your thesis. Facts are important, but more instrumental to the quality of your work is your ability to analyze the subject for the meanings that you find it to hold. Your work should meet the proper length, between 750 and 1050 words or 2½ & 3½ pages. Avoid overusing self-referential terms and statements, e.g. “I think”, “I believe.” As the
author of the work, the fact that the thoughts and beliefs are yours is a given. If using outside sources, cite appropriately. (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)



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