Hypertextual Essay

Write a short hypertextual, multimedia essay, based on a topic from weeks 2-10 from the list provided or one that you nominate that is approved by your tutor, and publish it to the class WordPress blog. Include relevant supporting images, embedded links, social media content, and where relevant audio and/or video. Where possible you will use Creative Commons sourced illustrative material. Essay questions The set questions are: 1. Choose one online innovation process you have studied in the first 10 weeks of semester, – Creative Commons licensing. What was the genesis of this innovation and how is it part of historical trends in communications media or information management? Who has benefited from its transformative effects in a political economic and social sense, and who has not? How has this innovation affected your study or work, and what problems does it present to you? 2. Discuss one of the following online regulatory concepts, its historical basis and why it should or should not be applied in the Australian context: a) the US and European concept of net neutrality, with reference to lecture discussions in week 4, the De Nardis reading in week 7 and early conceptions of common carriers and universal service obligations. b) the European concept of “the right to be forgotten” with reference to lecture discussions in week 7 and the way that archiving has played an institutional role in remembering and forgetting in the past. c) the Indian move to biometric identification, with reference to other forms of national identity documentation and the right to privacy. Your essay should cite academic research including journal articles, reports and books. Media articles are allowable citations but will not be weighted as highly as peer reviewed academic scholarship. You must appropriately attribute and link all sources cited or quoted. Your essay will include a hypertext reference list, in APA style with doi (digital object identifier) numbers for journal articles, reports and other documents, where these are available.

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