Illicit Drugs—from the view point of the State of Colorado


The textbook (Seiter 2013) explains the significant number of prison inmates with drug dependency issues or engaged in drug sales in some manner. Conduct research on the current movement to legalize illicit drugs in the United States, and provide your reasoned opinion on the movement. Provide an analysis of the successes or failures of other nations’ attempts to legalize drugs, and the impacts of those policies. Through at least three outside, scholarly sources, discuss the economic, social, and pragmatic considerations on this debate. Provide your opinion on whether or not legalizing drugs in the United States would benefit or harm society as a whole.
The paper includes a summary and analysis of research materials that are relevant to the assignment, e.g. scholarly journals, professional articles, legal documents, government documents, legal decisions, media clips, software, measurement instruments websites, personal communication, etc. Professional/scholarly journals are peer reviewed and focus on the profession/application of psychology (located on Proquest, EBSCOHost, PsycNET, etc.). Non-scholarly articles include newspapers, periodicals, secular magazines, etc, and are not peer reviewed. Websites not approved include and Research focuses on the most current information (past five to ten years) except when citing seminal works (e.g. Freud, Erickson, etc.). Paper includes the appropriate number of references required by the assignment. When appropriate, the paper addresses ethical considerations in research. ___________________________________________ Please remember to use headers and transitional sentences to make the document flow. And citations as needed.