Impression Evidence/Firearms Examination


Review Power Point Presentations. Address the following questions from Ch 9 and 10 in APA essay format.

Chapter 9:
1. Outline the proper method when using sulfur casting on a footwear impression in snow:
2. Discuss in detail the methods for collecting comparison footprints from a suspect:
3. You are called to the scene of a burglary and notice a footwear print in cooking oil on top of the kitchen cabinet near a broken

window. Describe and discuss the techniques that would be the best way to collect this print.

Chapter 10:
1. Discuss what is defined as the study of firearms and includes the operation of firearms, cartridges, gunshot residue analysis, bullet

and cartridge case comparisons, and powder pattern determination:

2. Because of the ambiguity in conclusions about whether an individual fired a weapon using GSR, discuss what may be a better test to

determine whether a person fired a gun?

3. Discuss and describe what techniques are best when picking up a revolver used in a homicide



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