Imprisonment & Human Rights

Question: "Prisoners retain a right to a family life but inevitably it is restricted by their incarceration". Discuss the extent to which prisoners should be allowed to continue to exercise this right while in prison. Requirement: 1) Footnote 2) Bibliography ( please seperate from the 14 pages essay) 3) Please consider – What right do prisoners have to be visited by their families? – can they lose this right just because they breached ‘social contract’ – what right to family members have to visit prisoners? – do prisoners have a right to marry? – Do prisoners have a right to intimate visits from their spouses or partners? – do prisoners have a right to have children by artificial insemination 4) Please look into cases Dickson v the United Kingdom (1983)5 EHRR 347 (right to have children) Jaremowicz v Poland, Frasik v Poland ( Right to marry) Aliev v Ukraine (Application no.41220/98) 29 April 2003 ( Right to conjugal visit) Raymond v Honey [1983] 1 AC 1 ( See what Lord Wilberforce said) 5) Please find other resources aside from the above from law journals.

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