In his discussion of the centuries-long uproar about the doctrine of Incarnation, Smith explains the problem as being the conundrum of having to preserve both the full Divinity and the full Humanity of Christ. Why was each side of that god/man conjunction too important to discard?
Has to be between: 500-600 Words
Book:The End of Faith
Author: Sam Harris
ISBN: 0393327655
Publisher: W. W. Norton (2005)

READ ALSO :   24. Thailand Airport Operation Model for the Low-Cost Carriers (data is collected and research results is now in progress) (Curriculum: Tourism Management) Four research objectives include: 1 To study the operational efficiency of Thailand airport from low-cost carriers? perspectives 2 To investigate level of importance and efficiency on Thailand airport operational attributes and operational processes 3 To analyze low-cost carrier passengers? service requirements toward Thailand airport operational attributes 4 To propose Thailand airport operation model for the low-cost carriers Thus, scope of the introduction Chapter will follow this line: - Introduction of the Chapter - Air Transportation and Tourism - Growth of Low-Cost Carriers (Asia) (domestic) - Airport: a Crucial Element in Air Transportation - Problem Identification (LCC growth, passengers growth, airport should focus on LCC, most of research concern only on airport-passengers, this research >> both LCC and LCC passengers, this research >> both operational attribute and operational process) Sorry if description is unclear Further information pls directly contact to me I do prefer references lists that can be added to my Endnote and prefer soft files of related journals, book (if applicable)