Individual Intercultural Film Analysis

Individual Intercultural Film Analysis(3-4 double spaced) pages-not including the cover page or references) 100 pointsIndividual Intercultural Film Analysis(3-4 double spaced) pages-not including the cover page or references) 100 points
(Please use one-inch margins on the top, bottom and sides.  The font size is 12 in Times New Roman. Also ensure that you write starting from the top margin to the to the margin at the bottom of the page.)
This assignment is written in APA style. Refer to your handbook or the Purdue Owl for guidance. Do not guess with regard to the format in-text or in the references.  Remember to spell numbers between one and ten in your paper.
Using chapter five (5) in the textbook (attached), analyze the film shown in class.This is Smoke Signals free online:
In addition to your textbook (2nd Edition, Intercultural Communication; Globalization and Social Justice by Katheryn Sorrells, 2016),  three peer-reviewed journal articles are required. Please see the format below.
Individual Intercultural Film Analysis Format
Cover page: Topic, your name, my name, and the date due, course day and section
*Please use the following headings in your paper.
Introduction: Briefly mention the film and the chapter to be used to analyze the film. Provide a thesis statement, and a preview statement outlining how the paper will flow. (For example, what will you discuss first, second, third etc.) If you are uncertain about how to write an introduction, BlackBoard’s Atomic Learning provides videos on the topic, and many others.
Opportunity and Challenges in Intercultural Relationships
Manifestations of Power, Privilege, Positionality, and Prejudice
Moving Forward(In this section discuss how the main characters were able to move beyond their circumstances.)
Conclusion  (Briefly summarize the contents of the paper without adding new information.)
References – Cite all sources in-text and on a reference page at the end of your paper in APA style. Your references will consist of the textbook, the film, and three peer-reviewed journal articles.  The word References is centered on the reference page.  References are in alphabetical order, and double-spaced.
*Note that the body of your paper will constitute your responses to the three italicized headings.  The body does not include the introduction or the conclusion.  Be sure to use transitions sentences between paragraphs to maintain the flow of your paper. Each paragraph must be no less than seven sentences.

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