Individual Project- Innovation Management

Individual Project- Innovation Management
You have secured a prestigious placement as an innovation consultant with a major multinational company which is facing major challenges in the

increasingly complex business
world to deliver cutting edge products and services. The company is chosen from a preagreed list of companies.
You are to investigate the innovation process for the company and develop a report for your
findings. In the report, you need to review and evaluate critically specific aspects of
innovation by discussing them in relation to topics, theories, models and case studies
developed in lectures and further reading.
The report should review the company in depth including its organisation and strategy related
to innovation management before developing evidence to support recommendations for
proposed changes to the innovation processes. The evidence will be developed by discussing,
analysing and evaluating potential problems, potential solutions, and potential hurdles to the
proposed changes. Based on your report, management may accept the recommendations and
propose changes to the board of directors.
The designated companies are seeking your help. Please choose one and sign up on
SurreyLearn for the appropriate group— spaces are limited so first come, first serve;
Company Challenges
Glaxo SmithKline Are they positioning their R&D pipeline correctly for future?
Format: report.
Word limit: Maximum 3,000 (appendices and references are not included in the word
Submission deadline: 30th May 2016 by 4.00pm
Marking criteria: Individual Project: (100% of final mark)
• Innovation Theory 20%
• Innovation Organisation 20%
• Innovation Strategy 20% Recommendation 30%
• Style & Presentation 10%
Title Page Title, name and URN should be included;
Executive Summary Describe structure of report and highlight
key findings for each section;
Table of Contents All headings, sub-headings and appendices
should be numbered and included;
Introduction Background information to development of
Main Body Develop topic using description, analysis
and evaluation with headings and subheadings used to separate and to organise
Conclusions Summarise findings from main body
including recommendation;
Reference List List all sources of information used to
develop the report using Harvard
Appendices Should have titles and be numbered by
using letters;
1. Innovation Theory Critical discussion of broad range of theory, models and tools
from literature; 20%
2. Innovation Organisation Critical discussion of wide range of internal factors
related to innovation management for the designated company using examples and
theory; 20%
3. Innovation Strategy Critical discussion of wide range of external factors related
to innovation management for the designated company using examples and theory;
4. Recommendation Critical discussion of key proposals to improve the innovation
processes of the designated company using examples and theory; 30%
5. Presentation & Style Appropriate report structure with referencing and clear
writing style 10%
You should also try to identify how innovation is organised inside the company, what
strategies are used outside the company to manage innovation and what innovation theories,
models and tools that you think may be appropriate to use for analysis. Please refer to lecture
slides, case studies, speakers and reading (2 main books are good resources: 1)von Stamm, B.
(2008). Managing Innovation, Design, and Creativity, Chichester: John Wiley & Sons Ltd;
2)Bessant, J. and Tidd, J. (2013), Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market
and Organisational Change 5th Edition;
Please refrain from discussing matters related to your innovation recommendations. Although
you may have some ideas about how the company can improve innovation processes, you
want to keep this confidential because your assignment is an individual effort.
To prepare, please research background information about the company including business
sector, history, products, competition, organisational structure and business performance.
Innovation tools have to applied in your report.

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