Industry Analysis

2. Industry Analysis


This is the Industry Assessment Part 2 Assignment. ONLY DO the PART 3 of this assignment(Identify 2 companies from your industry that are recognized as current industry leaders, but who\”lead\” the industry in different ways or dimensions. (Select public companies to ensure you can access relevant information.)
3.1. Briefly explain the leadership dimensions chosen. Demonstrate through examples why the companies are recognized as leaders, on their respective dimensions.<br />
3.2. Briefly evaluate and compare how these 2 companies perform against KSFs identified in Part 1. (Use a matrix to show KSF ratings, briefly explain your ratings in the paper).)
I am gonna attach the requirement and previous Industry Assessment Part 1 Assignment later. Please Select Loreal which is in previous paper as one of the leader company . Please combine or relate to the previous Industry Assessment 1. Thanks!! Please contact me if you have any question about the requirement of the paper.

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