Industry Case Study – Team Management Plan

-You are required to create a report on developing a high performance project team using a planned approach. You are required to provide a rationale for the plan. The report is to be in “ report format” The report is expected to use the frame of being in a scenario where a senior manager has come to you with the following:
“I know that you have been studying Project Management at University and I’ve been reading about high performance project teams. Could you do a report for me outlining how we could develop a high performance delivery team in the next major project”.
– The report would show 4 parts, but we will write about one of them only which is “NO. 3only”:
1- The Key ingredients of a high performance team.
2- The recommended strategies and rationale to implement the high performance team.
3- “How process risk would be addressed”.
4- How the plan would be developed, monitored and controlled.
Important NOTE: The report has 4 parts and we will work as a team. My part is only the number “3”. I’v added all parts just to know what is the rest of the report and hoe to start the part 3.
– additional notes: (You will also be required as a team to meet with “a senior management board” made up of unit lecturers. This meeting will take place following the submission and will be in the format of a “discussion” where senior management will be looking to assess:
– Clarity around the report as necessary
– How this group worked as a high performance team in developing the report.

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